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"We will beat any genuine quote from any licensed locksmith in the area."

Locks are an essential part of keeping your home or premises free from unwanted guests and intruders. Two Brothers provides you with a quality lock fitting service in Putney that ensures this is the case.


Locks can wear over time and you'll find that requiring repairs becomes a regular affair. You'll save money with replacements from our lock fitting service which will secure all doors and windows in your home.


Make sure you've got the only keys for your new property

If you've just moved into a new property than you'll want to make sure you're the only one with the keys by getting new locks fitted. You can never know how many keys the previous occupants have had cut and you'll get our help with new locks to make sure they no longer have access.

•  Windows

•  Doors

•  Gates

•  Garden doors

•  Patios

•  Basement doors

•  And more

Enhance the security of your premises by calling us for lock fittings:  07958 742 751

You can get a lock fitting for:

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